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Is a Cracked Tooth Ever a Dental Emergency?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Dr. Jeff Casebier, DMD
Is a Cracked Tooth Ever a Dental Emergency?Most of the time, our teeth work just fine and require very little attention to keep them going. However, there are times when it's essential to notice the urgency of a matter and take action as soon as possible. It is painful to crack, chip, or break a tooth. Although the damage can be slight or extensive, a cracked tooth shouldn't take the back seat. Since most tooth cracks and chips don't result in blood gushing out, people ignore them and hope that the problem will either go away soon enough or wait for their next appointment. However, is this the right approach?

How to Handle a Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth is often quite painful, depending on the extent of the crack. The tooth has several layers to it for protection. Although the enamel is quite hard, pressure on the tooth can cause it to crack, leaving the nerves and blood vessels exposed. Since this isn't their natural state, the tooth can get very painful.

In that case, you should make sure that you gently flush your mouth with warm water to clean out the tooth in question. Depending on how much pain you are feeling, you can either go for an over the counter medication to help manage the pain or leave it as is until you come and see us.

However, if you've got the time, it's recommended that you see us as soon as possible. We can perform several tests to have a clear picture of the damage in question and determine the correct treatment for the tooth. Some teeth crack easily because of an already inherent problem that needs attention immediately. We can then treat the underlying problem and, depending on the extent of the damage, look at several fixes, including bonding, polishing, and a tooth extraction, or even in some cases, a root canal coupled with a crown replacement.

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